The Bootstrapping Checklist


“Authentic Participation = Higher Reputation = Better Learning Outcomes”

Dr. Paul Kim, CTO and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, 10/15

The Bootstrapping Checklist* for Public Schools teaches 21st century skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. The workflow introduces students to project management, innovation and entrepreneurship and engages students in experiential learning activities related to the STEAM curriculum.

The power of guided iterative design such as The Bootstrapping Checklist is that it provides the seamless integration between pedagogy and technology needed to accelerate technology adoption by students and facilitate sustained entrepreneurial and socially innovative student projects. It is inherently mobile, social, and cloud based, and it demands that students use validated data to make design decisions.

The Bootstrapping Checklist provides a real and authentic reason to learn skills like coding and computer science at a younger age, and an incentive to keep at it. Student projects initiated in a public middle school classroom now have the potential to develop further than ever before.

The Bootstrapping Checklist challenges the way public schools engage and evaluate student success – entrepreneurial education of this type gives real authenticity to student projects and collaborations that break down age and ability barriers present for so long in our customary public education models.

Thank you.

Rich Baxter, February 2017

The slideshow explains The Bootstrapping Checklist:

Bootstrapping Checklist 2017 Reimagine Education Presentation

The slideshow explains The Bootstrapping Checklist in more detail:

The Bootstrapping Checklist

Rich Baxter is an educator and advocate for social innovation, the arts, and entrepreneurial education in our public schools. The Bootstrapping Checklist was presented on December 5, 2016 and December 4, 2017 in Philadelphia at the Reimagine Education Awards and exists in the Creative Commons as an open innovation project.

*Special thanks to Kristan Uccello, Dr. Paul Kim CTO of GSE at Stanford, CTO at TDSB Peter Singh, Salar Chagpar and Marc Lijour at, and Tam Le


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